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IoT Integration

We help our clients integrate their existing systems with IoT solutions to maximize efficiency and productivity

Data analytics

We help retailers analyze the data collected by IoT devices to gain insights into customer behavior, product performance, or supply chain efficiency

Cloud-based IoT Solutions

We provide cloud-based IoT solutions that allow clients to access and manage their IoT devices and data from anywhere, anytime

IoT Project Management

We Offer project management services to clients to help them manage their IoT implementations from start to finish, ensuring a successful outcome.

IOT Hardware Design

We design custom IoT hardware and sensors for clients based on their specific needs.

IoT Maintenance and Support:

We provide ongoing maintenance and support for clients' IoT solutions to ensure they continue to perform optimally and meet their business needs.

Our Services

At WindowSimplified, we combine cutting-edge hardware and software to create seamless, secure IoT solutions for your business. Our team of experienced professionals provide personalized guidance to assist you and identify the most suitable IOT solutions for your retail business.

We offer comprehensive IoT solutions customized to your business requirements, covering the entire process from conceptualization to execution.

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